All about our programs

We have created programs that will help people in various areas of life. Good should be distributed in all areas of life!

In partnership with London Pentecostal Church, our initiative ‘Food for the Needy’ is committed to battling hunger within our community. Our coverage spans a broad range of areas throughout London. If you, or someone you know, are struggling to secure enough food, please reach out to us. Our program is designed to assist those in need, and we are here to support you. Additionally, if you are inspired to contribute or volunteer with us in this mission, your help would be warmly welcomed.

A large number of gifted children from among orphans and low-income families, for material reasons, remain outside the coverage of music and art schools, centers for children’s creativity, and do not have conditions for the development of their abilities.

Every Sunday morning, concurrent with our main malaylam worship service, our Sunday School offers an enriching setting for young individuals, up to 18 years old, to explore the Christian faith and cultivate their personal relationship with God, learning to emulate the teachings of Jesus. Our devoted and trained team of volunteers leads diverse age groups, following a comprehensive curriculum equipped with structured resources. This curriculum aims to impart the Word of God, introducing youth to Christianity with clear purpose and understanding. Along with absorbing new biblical stories, the youngsters also engage in learning new songs during their Sunday School sessions, further enhancing their spiritual experience

Youth Services

Our aspiration is to have our friends understand and experience the boundless love of the Universe’s Creator. Sharing this message is a privilege we deeply cherish. At its core, our Youth Meeting is focused on empowering young individuals to actively engage with their faith. We encourage them to bravely step outside their comfort zones, venture into a world that needs healing, and share the most profound message ever known. We believe in the transformative power of faith and hope to inspire this in our young members.

Our purpose at LPC is to nurture Christian growth within each other, providing mutual support and encouragement for our everyday lives. Often referred to as the ‘backbone’ of the Church, our gatherings are relaxed and filled with shared experiences, laughter, and deepening friendships. The majority of us are deeply committed to our Church, and the Women’s Group offers us a platform to explore both our Christian faith and social interests.

We invite you to join us on this spiritual journey, as we learn, grow, and foster connections within our community.

Bringing people together to end poverty for good.

We are constantly providing assistance to struggling families in many areas.